Our latest in Shea Butter, Body Spray, & Lotion Fragrances are featured here.

King (M) NEW

King II (M) NEW

Lacoste White (M) NEW

Leather (M) NEW

Lemongrass (U)

Libre (F) NEW

My Panties (F) NEW

One Last Wish (F) NEW

Poison Girl (F) NEW

Prada Candy Sugar (F) NEW

Stronger (M) NEW

Thousand Wishes (F) NEW

Versace Blue (F) & (M) NEW

Arabian Sands (F) NEW

Attitude (F) NEW

Bad Boy (M) NEW

Black Man (M) NEW

Black Opium (F) NEW

Bleu (M) NEW

Bond #9 (M) NEW

Creed (M) NEW

Grapefruit (U) NEW

Gucci Bloom (F)

Gucci II (M) NEW

Jason Wu (F) NEW

Jimmy Blue (M) NEW

Just A Kiss (F) NEW

Candles, Incense, Burning Oils, and Air Fresheners Fragrances

4oz. & 15oz. candles.  8"in incense

Baby Powder

Black Butter

Black Woman

Eat It

Egyptian Musk


Lick Me




Wet Wet

White Musk

Body Soaps

Shea Soap
Oatmeal Soap
Black Soap
Cooty Soap

Our soaps are unscented, however our customers can request a fragrance from our Fragrance List, by placing a special order, and allowing one week production time before shipping.